Ramifications of machine learning in the manufacturing sector, RTCSE'17, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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The manufacturing sector in present India faces more complex, dynamic and chaotic behaviour to satisfy the demand for high quality products in an efficient manner. Machine learning has been around for some decades now, but its impact and significance in this domain is still impugned. The two sectors, though being ends apart, surprisingly have the potential to collaborate and enhance performance and productivity of the end-result manufacturing. Experimental analysis and research using machine learning algorithms with manufacturing under consideration has been on-going and the results undoubtedly prove that the combination of the two sectors will be inevitable in the near future. The fact that machine learning is data-driven and prediction is its sub-domain enables the smooth introduction of manufacturing in its grasp. This paper provides insight to how machine learning could disrupt the manufacturing development in India and could result in better production yield and revenue generation. In the next 20 years, automation would be a major factor in yielding profits to large manufacturing corporations and industries and machine learning would have an immense role to play in the rapidly changing scenario.

Gyancity Journal of Engineering and Technology Vol.3 No.1
Ashish Gupta
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